Salute from the Skies

29 04 2008

7pm last night, just staring out of the dining room window, to be greeted by two swallows, slicing their way through the blue. It’s wonderful to be reminded that time moves on, and things get brighter – in fact, it’s a metaphor for life if ever I saw one!

These birds really cheer me – their spare shape and effortless swooping makes them look as though they’re glad to be alive and flying. I love hearing them call to each other.

Things are looking up, as they always do. It’s so difficult when you’re in the middle of things to know this. But I should always remember that it happens, and more quickly if you are prepared to take the bull by the horns and ask for help. So many people have rallied round, so much real assistance has been offered. It’s wonderful.

I’m glad the Goddess sent those two heralds of summer sun and cheer to remind me of what’s really important. I’m constantly grateful for timely reminders from the Universe that we are all watched over and loved. I’m grateful also that my mind is open enough to receive the messages, at least some of the time. Foxchild wrote a lovely essay¬†regarding this point; the comments add weight to her message.




2 responses

29 04 2008

Yes the swallows are a joy to behold- so gracefully with seemingly no effort they swoop & dive- Last year there were a dozen pairs or more swoopin in the garden to catch tiny insects- later the were teaching their skills to their young- truly amazing.

30 04 2008
The Green Witch

Just lovely. They make me feel so optimistic!

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