Earthy Devotions

27 04 2008

We spent much of the day in the sun and the wind in the garden. It’s really coming on – I’ve moved a whole load of plants around and sewn seed between them. What a luxury to be able to lean on the fork and meditate. My son made mud pies and watered random plants with his little orange can; my husband built a path with raw stone and I dug and raked the area for the new lawn. Glorious. Thank you, Goddess.




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27 04 2008

Sounds wonderful, I can only spend a couple of hours on my day’s off in the Garden- but I really enjoy this time. Being with nature and listening to it too. I thank the Goddess for such splendour.

27 04 2008

There’s something about this time of preparation, isn’t there? I’m enjoying reading your blog, which I found quite recently.

27 04 2008
The Shepton Witch

Oh, lucky you! The air here hasn’t been good – the humidity has been high and the air fuggy. I spent the day moving my study around so that I was in a better position – able to see my screen and the world through my window. I ache now as my desk weighs a ton, but I do feel content. You’ll see it soon!

28 04 2008

Sounds much like my day today! I got several new flowers planted and the weeds pulled from at least 2 different areas. Just have a ton more left to do!

28 04 2008
The Green Witch

Shamrockwitch, being with Nature is such a gift. I read somewhere last evening that going outside cannot solve all or any of the problems in the world… I agree, but it can help!

Tess – good to see you here and thank you for coming to see us!

SW – looking forward to it muchly. I’d like to go out – sounds good!

fox – wonderful. I found a totally new and unusual plant at the garden centre – so wierd and wonderful that I can’t remember the name of it but I’ll post it soon. Its common name is Blackberry Lily. yellowy-orange flowers with dark orange spots – looks gorgeous 🙂

28 04 2008

Ohh! I love blackberry lilies!! I haven’t had once since hubby and I got together. I think it is time I got another one.

28 04 2008
The Green Witch

Hooray that you know of it! It looked truly unusual and exotic and will go perfectly in my Mediterranean end of the garden. Where the temperatures actually get up into double figures, lol!

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