The solace of friends

24 04 2008

Those who understand, who relate, who reach out the hand to help, are not easy to find in this life; when you stumble upon people who get you, who help you and who you can help in turn, you’re blessed.

Of course, when I used the word ‘you’re’ in the last paragraph, I meant me!

Thanks you guys – you know who you are.




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24 04 2008


24 04 2008
The Shepton Witch

You forget that you’re so busy helping others out that it is only your due to have people who reach out to you. We make our destinies, however much we rail against the notion, and we weave the pattern and fabric of the people who bump into our lives by our thoughts and actions. We get into our lives exactly what we need at the time. If people are being nice, it’s probably because of your actions m’dear!

25 04 2008
The Green Witch

Thank you my dears. Perhaps I ought (there’s that word again!) to remember that there are those who want to help! And doesn’t it feel good to have help now and again? Lovely!

25 04 2008

There we go, overlapping thoughts and ideas again! SW, I just posted about something very similar to what you just said.

TGW, the only thing you ought to do, is be yourself and follow your heart.

26 04 2008

It is often difficult to accept help or even ask for it- We don’t want to seem a burden or appear weak at times. I am always willing to help- Family -Friends- Colleagues- but when it comes to myself, if something is bothering me or getting me down- Well I sort of go quiet and withdrawn and hope it all gets better on it’s own. Until recently-that is-Now I seem to have found a voice and am fighting my own corner. It is thanks to New Friends and a complete change of outlook on my life. Thank the Goddess for us. Brightest Blessings.

27 04 2008
The Green Witch

I couldn’t agree more, shamrockwitch. I need to remember that there are people who are willing and happy to help me; if I did, I perhaps wouldn’t get so stressed, and end up feeling isolated, scared and depressed! What a lot we do bring on ourselves by trying to be ‘brave’! I’m still such an infant about all this – learning is taking some time 🙂

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