Ideas for the 13 Moons

14 04 2008

I stumbled across a quite marvellous and wonderfully written blog today (I am professional standard in stumbling 🙂 ). The post that struck me was this one, regarding the training of a Green Witch.

On WW, we often get asked about training and initiation; as solitary witches for the most part, we don’t have a formal structure for this. From my own perspective, it’s easy to begin a 13-moon self-study project such as the one described by Marian Green in ‘A Witch Alone’. But, and I have done this, it’s easy to get sidetracked.

Musing on the principles of self-dedication it should be clear that the simplest of structures is the one that’s likely to work the best. That’s why I like Sia’s suggestion, passed to her by her mentor in Green Witchcraft. It seems to me that you take the world in microcosm by attaching all the significance to one special place of your choosing; you nuture it, clean it up, examine it, tend it and chronicle what happens there. You bide with it, bind with it and let it teach you.

Only when you have done this are you ready to start work on your dedication.

This is a fantastic idea, and this woman clearly has had her share of impetuous students demanding all the secrets NOW. Sia says that many of her teacher’s postulants wouldn’t undertake this year and a day’s worth of introspection and work; I should think many of them thought it irrelevant and not worth the effort. It’s a very interesting way to sort out the true seekers from the type who are only window-dressing. Her final comment struck me;

‘After 25 years as a Pagan, this is what I know: We don’t choose this path, it chooses us. Then we spend the rest of our lives trying to understand and use the gifts we receive along the way.’

This strikes me as being quite true. Fewer people are called than think so; when you really are called, you can’t mistake it. 




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