Garden Calm

10 04 2008

My parcel from the online garden store turned up this afternoon, while I was having a coffee with an old colleague who turned up to fit a new Sky dish (this town is so small… the last time I saw him we were working at the same car dealership!).

The parcel was a great excuse to get out into the garden and dig. My son covered himself in mud and water, happy as a sandboy, and I planted a Viburnum opulis, which comes out in large white pompom flowers, and has red berries in winter; 6 Kniphofia, or Red Hot Pokers, 3 Dahlia sensation, a Blueberry bush and 6 assorted lucky dip tall perennials. The garden can only benefit – and that goes double for me.

The lawn goes down in the next month. I can’t wait until I have a lawn, so I can lie under my Rowan tree and look up at the sky through the leaves. Looking up at the sun, the clouds, the moon and stars…

 I’m looking forward, also, to being able to use the garden far more as a room. None of the rooms in the house has ever felt quite right as a ritual space – I feel that the garden might do very well in this regard. Plenty of lanterns, plenty of night-scented plants, plenty of shelter, plenty of privacy. Perfect. And I can chalk a pentagram on the terrace.




5 responses

10 04 2008

Sounds lovely, but where are the photos?! 😀

10 04 2008
The Green Witch

My husband (rot him) has lost the charger for my camera batteries! When he finds them, your wish is my command! 🙂

10 04 2008

Haha!! Way to go, hubby!

10 04 2008
The Green Witch

He says he knows where it is… he just can’t remember (love the guy!!!!)

10 04 2008

The garden you are making sounds wonderful. I just love getting out there when I can. On Sunday we were in & out like the little old man & lady on the old fashioned weather clocks- what with the sun/hail/rain/sleet/snow in no particular order.

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