6 04 2008

With PiedPiper this afternoon to Kilpeck Church, a most amazing and beautiful Romanesque church close by, dating from around 1140.

I had read previously about the doorway, shown here, but really that was only the most outward and obvious thing to look at! It is truly a revelation around every corner, so you’ll excuse me if I post plenty of pics!

The front door. The carving is astonishingly crisp after 900 years and at least three periods of intense restoration. Despite being carved sandstone, it has borne the years remarkably well.

Kilpeck Church door

This tombstone was just outside the door; demonstrating the Victorian liking for the passionflower as a symbol of piety and devotion.

Here we have the famous Kilpeck Sheela-na-gig.


After the tour of the Church, we headed up behind the churchyard to Kilpeck Castle. The weather was superb, one minute hot bright sun, and the next, as we reached the top of the castle mound, it began to snow in earnest. We were like snowmen within five minutes. It felt precisely as though the Goddess was welcoming us. There are three thorn trees planted in a triangle on the summit, and some very dilapidated stoneworks which look apt to fall off the hill at any second. Being bad, we ignored the ‘Keep Out’ notices and approached the stones. They were wreathed in ivy and sloe and damson blossom, and a bee came out to see us; befuddled by the snow he bumbled off and hid. Despite the bleakness of the weather, the white and golden blossom against the snow was beautiful and uplifting to see.

W from Kilpeck Church

These two were there, fragile but shining, to welcome us!

Celandines in Snow

PP found some lovely bleached blond sticks to take home, and we left a pomander I’d made, decorated with early blossom, to say thank you to the Goddess for such a perfect day.


Words can’t compete with pictures – so I’ve let them do the talking! Blessed be!





2 responses

6 04 2008

That is absolutely lovely! Again you have made me very jealous! 😀

7 04 2008
The Green Witch

Glad you like it Fox… we’re aiming to see a bit more of the land upon which we live – it’s a bit shameful that I know so little about my surroundings.

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