Wonderful Gift

1 04 2008

During my visit to Somerset, S gave me possibly the best present any witch can give another… a cloak. Navy blue fleece, trimmed in black, with a deep hood. It reminds me of the dark night’s sky, and to that end I’m planning some embellishment!

It’s at least 6 inches too long, so I’m going to take it up, and embroider a clasp panel to go onto the neck. Instead of a catch, it has a solid panel of material,  which goes round your neck. Perfect for a 4″ x 6″ embroidery panel. And then, the back!!

I have no idea what should go here… except it will be silver, and that it’s waay beyond my capabilities as a seamstress to do the work. Planning and, I hope, Divine Inspiration to follow! Mercian, here we come!




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1 04 2008

Sounds lovely! Post pics!! 😀

1 04 2008
The Green Witch

S got some great pix of me which could go into a catalogue of Wiccan Wear… ‘this year, discerning witches will be wearing midnight blue, and accessorising with brooms cast nonchalantly over the shoulder!’ If I posted them, I’d be too cool to live long 🙂

1 04 2008

Your gift of a cloak sounds truly wonderful. So midnight blue is vogue in Wicca this year- must dig out my midnight blue velvet number.

2 04 2008
The Green Witch

Cloaks are excellent value and so warm. Perfect for night time rituals where a gore-tex jacket just isn’t right for the occasion!

2 04 2008

The darker the blue and yet it remains blue, the more I love that color. With stars….

Nice gift! I love a polar fleece, so easy to care for, so warm and toasty. A spare blanket when needed.

3 04 2008
The Shepton Witch

Shall I post the pictures then…?

They have come out rather well, though the cloak plays second fiddle to your rather amusing poses. Would you prefer that I email the evidence to you first? Let me know. 😉

Oh, and in a few days, do remember to nag me about that hem!

3 04 2008
The Green Witch

Nah, post’em. What’s the worst that can happen 🙂

beweaver, I was actually plucking up courage to contact you and ask you to invent and make for me a silver tree to go on the neck panel… I know I’m not good enough to make it fly. If you see this, please let me know a price!!! xxx

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