But then, something!

25 03 2008

Forgot, in my general air of pervasive sturm und drang, that I spent a little of yesterday moving irises to their new home in the garden, from a patch of earth we’re turning back into a lawn. The wind was bending the rowan tree above me; the sun was warming my back and drying the earth as I dug. That was my Eostre. Right there – surrounded by the garden that I love which is made to the glory of the Goddess. Silly me!




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25 03 2008
The Shepton Witch

Yup, TGW, Fox and me in a neat little circle kicking each other up the butt to knock some good, old fashioned common sense into each other sounds like a mightily good plan. See, you did lots more than me! Running around in a velvet cloak is all fine and well, but I suspect the Goddess would be a lot more impressed if we all got out into nature the way you did and cherished her gift to us. You’re not a High Magic(K)ian, you are a Hedge Witch and you celebrated in the best possible way, you honoured nature and the Goddess (much more satisfying than the cloaks and muttering mystical, unpronounceable words!)

25 03 2008

See, it is those moments that we can see the Goddess in everything that make it all worthwhile!

25 03 2008
The Green Witch

I do the unpronounceable words, but only when I stub my toe 🙂

Fox, too right. I just forget sometimes… perhaps I should remember not to forget…. 🙂

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