Again, nothing

25 03 2008

To tired, too ill, too distracted (too bloody lazy?) to do anything to commemorate this important time. Apart from eat chocolate! Which equates to celebrating Christmas by eating turkey. Not entirely impressive.

Sweep that new broom deosil, bring in a fresh breeze from the hilltop, shine down that young sun on my head, give me the impetus to pull myself out of the mud and get on! Make Beltane fire my goal!

… and in the meantime, fill in the gaps, do the reading, make the calls, make the effort and build it up, build it up, day by day. No-one can do better than their best!




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25 03 2008

Don’t beat yourself up my dear. You hold down a full time job, you have a family and young child, and goodness knows that’s tiring enough, and sometimes, you just can’t do it all.

It has been a long, cold, gloomy start to Spring and not one to encourage energy and much leaping about. If you have been ill or just run down, then giving yourself a hard time because you haven’t observed the equinox the way you feel you should have isn’t going to make you better. Remind me on Sunday and I’ll balance your chakras for you – it may do nothing, but it might help.

25 03 2008

Sending lots of hugs and energy to help you out of that mud!!

25 03 2008
The Green Witch

Mereth – oooh, yes please. I need it doing!! 🙂

Fox – thank you my dear, you’re the best.

Both -please hit me over the head with a big hammer made out of rabbit’s wool with a sign taped to it saying, ‘Stop Whaling on Yourself!’ – Thank you!

25 03 2008

I’m always up for whopping people over the head! 😀

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