Bees, the gilded heralds

13 03 2008

A dear friend has sent me a parcel. I opened it, even though my birthday isn’t officially until next week, because when it arrived I was harassed, tired and down. I needed a pick-me-up.

Inside I found the most cunning little primer on HTML – so useful!! and a fantastic, utterly wonderful book about the history of bees by a woman called… Bee. It is covered in bees picked out in gold leaf and is written in such a discursive, engaging style that I’m utterly hooked and already on page 56.

So thank you, my friend; I appreciate your choices more than I can say. You pick great presents and I love you for it.

These posted bees herald both the Summer and a new direction for me… they’ve come, prologue-like, to introduce a change in the weather of the Green Witch… perhaps not before time!




5 responses

13 03 2008
The Shepton Witch

I hope your bees bring you lots of sweetness! 😀

14 03 2008
The Green Witch

Lots n lots of runny hunny, coming my waaaay!!! 🙂

14 03 2008
The Shepton Witch

Ah, but long after you have licked the hunny from your whiskers and the book has gathered dust, you will still be thumbing through the HTML guide!!!

14 03 2008
The Green Witch

*groan* and you know this is true! Gotta start somewhere!

14 03 2008
The Shepton Witch

Aw, go on, you love a challenge! It’s not that bad, honest and there’s another groovy little guide for CSS too, when you start to play around with that…

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