The Way Life Intrudes

4 03 2008

There was I, set fair, and trucking along in a good rhythm of reading, studying, praying and blogging; and then three things happen and I’m off the rails and down the embankment. One – wisdom tooth infection! Two – work mayhem! Three – all the other stuff that is now eating into my limited ‘free’ time because of 1 and 2!

I shouldn’t whinge – I’m lucky to get any time to myself, and it’s only by dint of ruthless organisation and prioritisation, which clearly goes to pot if I’m ill or work supervenes – there’s no margin for over-runs in my schedule. I do too much, I know.

But unlike previous times this has happened, I’m not going to allow life to get in the way of my life. I will allow myself to do what I can, instead of doing nothing because I can’t do it all. I will attempt to do whatever I do do, well and with spirit; I will attempt to choose the right things to do so they have the most impact and the most relevance.

One has to live; no man is an island; it is by our interactions with our fellow men that we are defined. So perhaps the point I am supposed to absorb here is that I am not expected to find my spiritual life anywhere but right here, in the thick of mundane life; and perhaps that is the magic vein of ore in the dross.




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4 03 2008

This is one of the things that I have a constant battle with and it is not an easy one. I have learned that seeing the sacred in the mundane (as it really is all the same anyway) has really helped me to feel that even though I am not “doing” anything, I am still “being” a spiritual person.


4 03 2008
The Green Witch

Thank you, my dear! I know I haven’t been ‘around’ much recently… it’ll calm down soon enough.

I like your viewpoint. It is a big shift to see special significance in the things that are so ordinary that we don’t look at them twice. Slowing down and looking at the detail of everyday life can yield small miracles. I seem to do a good line in micro-tidying areas of rooms that depress me by their general squalour, and the immediate benefit is I find things I’d lost, or think of new ways to display favourite things. Just yesterday I looked at a little chest I love, but don’t look at any more. I have decided to sand and paint it. I’m sure I will look at it more once I have done so! And it’ll be beautiful and useful to boot. The only requirements, according to Charles Rennie Mackintosh, for any item that you have in your home…

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