The Process

25 02 2008

There’s a lot of me that wishes I was back at the beginning of my learning about wicca again. What would I do differently? What would I read that I haven’t read, do what I haven’t done? I have no regrets about my path, quite the opposite in fact; I simply feel the need to audit what I’ve done so far, decide where I’ve got to, and where I’m going next.

Lots of ‘I’s in there! It’s all about me, of course.

When there’s you and your gods inΒ a room alone, and only you are blogging, it does all tend to get a bit insular, a bit egocentric. There’s a part of me that regrets the lack of a dialogue; Christians that I know claim their god speaks to them daily. There’s a sneaking part of me that believes Gregory House on this subject; if they speak to God, they’re religious; if He speaks to them they’re insane.

I want to think a little about the claim that gods speak and people hear. I find the assertion that god speaks to people comforting, and at the same time when those people claim it has happened to them it also sounds really smug and self-satisfied. Why do they merit special attention?Β Β On the other hand, what else would the devout expect but that their god should communicate with them, the righteous? And if they expect it, who’s to say their expectations aren’t being fulfilled? Quite often, we get what we want. We hear what we want to hear. And if it conveniently bolsters our faith, well, it’s both a self-fulfilling prophecy and the best thing that’ s ever happened to us.

In the years since I’ve been studying and striving and learning and doing and praying, I cannot ever say that I have been in communication with my Goddess and God. I have felt Them, I have felt near to Them; they’ve never approached me and spoken to me. On balance, I’m glad. In the Christian tradition, God spoke to man through an intermediary; the premise being that the voice of God unbaffled would kill the one who heard it. This seems reasonable to me.

And really, why would They? What would They need to tell me, to communicate to me, that would make it essential to speak to me directly? I’m only me. I’ve been put on this planet to do my best and to exercise my free will to make choices which will eventually determine my future lives. Will I be good? Will I rise above my base human state?

This is the rub, people; if God speaks to you, you cannot fully exercise free will, which negates the purpose for which we were put here on Earth. We were put here to struggle, to strive to be better, to experience and to feel and to think for ourselves. If God tells you what to do, you have simultaneously scored the biggest home-court advantage in the world and circumvented the purpose of mortal life.




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26 02 2008

The Lord and Lady haven’t spoken to me directly, as in, I haven’t heard voices in my head. But sometimes I feel them speak to me, if that makes sense. Anyway, very interesting topic and I stole it for today’s blog, so check out my site if you want to read a more in-depth description of what I mean by what I just said.

26 02 2008
The Green Witch

Thanks, A! Just something I was musing over yesterday evening after supper.

Oh, and steal away! you’re welcome my dear πŸ™‚

26 02 2008

Will I fall into the category of crazy lunatic if I say that I have had those conversations? For me, I view them more as something of an inner dialogue that is guided by intuition and the Goddess/God. I’m not really sure how to describe it better than that.

It is my belief that we are all here to learn a particular lesson, or set of lessons. If we do not learn them in this life, we will have to face similar life circumstances in the next one. That means that the next set of lessons is put off until we finish with these first. I do not see having the Divine in your life as a removal of your free will. It is your will to speak to them and to ask for their assistance in learning your life lessons.

As to why they would want/need to speak to us, that part I have yet to figure out. It does seem a little egotistical to think that the Divine would have anything to do with creatures so small, but maybe it is that we really aren’t as small as we think? It is all perspective.

Sorry for the huge post! You just got me thinking! πŸ˜€

26 02 2008
The Green Witch

Oh, I talk to Them, all right! I’d just feel a little freaked if They answered back! πŸ™‚

I suppose it depends how you define a conversation. And you’re not crazy if you feel a dialogue between you and your Deities – perhaps you’re just more spiritually aware than me! I agree with the lessons to be learned – perhaps I’m making too much of a school metaphor out of this. The voice of the gods = extra help from the teacher = unfair exam advantage! I dunno.

Guiding, intuition, timely help – all these things can come from the Deities. I feel Them with me like this every day. They just don’t tell me what to do! This is what gets me about certain of my more fundamental acquaintences – they categorically state that they have a direct hotline, that god (whatever he is to them) speaks to them in words. This is what I can’t understand.

I think we’re smaller than we think. We have to be. We’ve got a needlessly anthropocentric view of our importance on the thin veneer of life on this rock we call Earth – it must only be amplified if we zoom out and look at the big picture. We’re tiny. But significant!

24 03 2008

hmmm. I’ve had a couple of experiences where I did indeed hear a loud voice in my head (or rather above and outside my head) and I knew it wasn’t me. I assumed it was the Divine. What made that instance different? Why me?

I believe that at the time I was open, desperate, and listening. I think that no one is specially chosen but sometimes our receivers are open in such a way that suddenly we hear the message. In a manner different from hearing the divine in the words and actions of other beings such as humans and animals.

It’s all about being completely open at the time. Most often, for me at least, I’m so busy talking and sending that i couldn’t possibly receive anything. πŸ˜‰

25 03 2008
The Green Witch

The idea of openness to the voice is one that also interests me greatly, beweaver. I wonder if the prayer and the meditation is perhaps intended to fulfil just that function. Is that the purpose? To enable us to hear? Perhaps devotions are a means of tuning ourselves in to the broadcast from above.

25 03 2008
The Green Witch

… and I know what you mean about being on permanent send. Sounds like me too! πŸ™‚

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