Mercian Tickets!!

21 02 2008

Thank the Goddess, mine arrived yesterday!

The Mercian Gathering is a three day pagan camp and moot run by the Hearth of Arianrhod; luckily for me it’s within 2 hours drive and I can’t wait for it. A whole weekend under canvas, eating rubbish and doing witchy things with my witchy friends and colleagues. Stamping about in boots and drinking mead and dancing, drumming, praying and learning. Buying too much on the wonderful craft stalls. Getting Reiki done. Having my face painted and acting like an eight-year old.

It’s a wonderful chance to meet new people and to relax. And believe me, people, I need to relax. Those that know me say it’s my worst feature, my lack of calm.

Well, we must wait till September; but there’s a load of wonderful things happening before that. I would like to make Mercian 2008 the pinnacle of a really good witch-year for me. I’ve earned it!




8 responses

21 02 2008

Sounds like a blast! Once again, sucks for me that it is on the other side of the marble. 😀

21 02 2008
The Green Witch

The world could be a little smaller, I must admit! Well, perhaps next year? 🙂

21 02 2008

Oooh! I suspect you will be enduring a little forced relaxation at Beltaine!

Now, will you be hot-tubbing with the Vikings and jumping the fire? I can’t wait to see this!

22 02 2008
The Green Witch

Go on, force me force me!! 🙂

Hot tubbing with the Vikings?! Sounds good, momma! lol!

27 02 2008
The Shepton Witch

Ah yes, lots of Vikings, one hot tub, several squealing maidens and much guffawing and you get the idea! The rest is pretty sensible, but over indulgence in mead, or whatever is available, high spirits and a complete lack of consciousness that there were lots of grumpy old Witches trying to sleep (this was still happening at 1.30 a.m.) meant there were a few sore heads the next day!

Beltaine will be slow, gentle and fuelled with some nice wine, lots of laughter and hopefully some edible food, and no opportunity to do anything but relax – that do you?

27 02 2008
The Green Witch

More than amply. I am looking forward with much forward looking indeed!!

Can’t wait, my dear. Tell me what to bring 🙂

27 02 2008
The Shepton Witch

Just yourself and some warm jimjams as the heating here is… interesting!

27 02 2008
The Green Witch

Sorted. I’ll bring a hot water bottle too as I get cold easily! And some bouteilles du vin and a regional speciality or two… hooray for weekends away!!

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