16 02 2008

There’s a particular strain of pagan who despises the type that go, ‘Hello, trees! Hello, sky!’ and skip about like Luna Lovegood, blethering about fairies and moondust etc. They call such people fluffy. And refuse to take them seriously. I see the point, I just don’t feel capable of judging to that extent.


Out in the woods today I was being fluffy, with my son; he’s 2, so feels saying hello to the trees and the sky is a good thing, and I have to say I agree! So there we were, a mad toddler and his madder mother, greeting all the elements of nature around us. Hello rocks, hello moon.

It occured to me that there’d be nothing at all amusing about seeing the beauty and the wonder in trees and rocks and sunlight, if we were alone on the woods, helpless, with nothing to sustain us; the sunset would herald nothing except increased cold and danger.

The trees, the sunlight, the rocks, the moon are inherently and eternally beautiful; they lose nothing of their beauty by being seen by people who simply cannot appreciate the beauty, due to exigencies in their own lives; they would continue to exude beauty if we died in front of them from want, from cold.

So, it occured to me that there’s nothing fluffy or approximate about appreciating beauty; the smallest person can do it; it only becomes deadly and threatening to us when we have no other means of support. We find such things ‘fluffy’ because we are graced with a buffer of warm clothes, food, cars, electricity and homes to go to. Had we not these things, the beauty would remain, but it might kill us. And it wouldn’t care.

I wonder if this is one reason why modern, affluent, Western populations feel such a disconnect with their surrounding environment; perhaps a little hardship and material lack in each of our lives would bring us back to a right understanding of the balance between us and the Nature that surrounds us.




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23 02 2008

I think you will find “fluffy” is not applied to people who hug trees, but people who read one book, author or website and declare it the absolute truth, without researching anything themselves – either academically or experientially as you and your son did.

23 02 2008
The Green Witch

Merry Meet bwitch, and thanks for coming to visit!

I see what you mean – but I have come across ‘fluffy’ used in the context of those who ascribe only good attributes to their deities, who refuse to believe that nature or our Gods can be both loving and cruel – ‘fluffy’ as in fwuffy kittens. It was this that I was trying to write down, not very well as it turned out!

I love hugging trees. Ascribing all my beliefs to one book, though – that’s be impossible!

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