Right! That’s Enough!

8 02 2008

For an extremely long time I’ve been nursing a low-grade irritation like an insect bite – why do people insist on spelling magic with a K? And then to compound the misery, we get the functionally illiterate who call practitioners of said craft ‘Magickians’.

Now, as any fule kno, a ‘ck’ forms a hard ‘C’ sound in British English, and I’m assuming in American English also. So you’d pronounce the conflation above – ma-jik-i-an.

Apparently, it’s partly Crowley who put us on this path; my view is, the old guy must have been laughing up his filthy sleeve. He was thoroughly intelligent and also quite an elegant thinker – I can’t for the life of me imagine why he’d chose such a clunky and, frankly, inelegant term for a practice he viewed so highly.

The reason generally given is that it’s a means of separating ‘our’ sort of magic from that practiced on the stage. Well,  there’s no need in my view to differentiate between magic, stage magic, Paul Daniels magic, or any other kind of magic.  You know what you mean. Your listeners are likely to know what you mean, if you’re capable of concise and lucid description.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s pretentiousness gone wild; its use is a sure-fire way of spotting those who believe that the bells and whistles, the labels of the Craft, are the important bits.




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11 02 2008

Very true words. When I began on the craft, I wondered. I wondered why on this great green earth would there be two seperate spellings. Sometimes I wonder if there are still people who spell magic, “magic.” Crowley has always creeped me out and even though I may tolerate “magick,” the word ‘majikian’ is just obsurd! Although it does make me laugh with equal enthusiasm how people can just be so, well you get the idea. Furthermore, as I’ve heard and used this for other things, “labels are for soup cans!” Not people, and thusly labels are no better for anything, especial religious paths that most certainly and at best mostly hard to put in a cozy little cramped niches. Fads were created to go out of popularity, lol.
Oh, and thank-you for your kind words!
Blessed be in peace, light & love.

11 02 2008
The Shepton Witch

But there is a gud reeson for it. it meens that us speshal people wot praktise majick can see ho is a fakir and ho is reel. its allright for u cleverdiks to get all aresy n use long wurds but us speshal magikal peeple hav to hav ways of nowing eech uther cuz were so pursekuted by every one ho wants to burn us. my teecher gave me a hard time 2day cuz I was wearin black nail vanish n my 3 penticles – its so not fare. 😦

11 02 2008
The Green Witch

Derique – too right! Labels = soup cans, I like that. 🙂

There are a lot of British pagans and esotericists who insits on the ‘K’. They just irritate the Goddess out of me. Grrr!!!! Fakers.

SW – yu crak me up. to mutch humer maks me sik u no! (vomitvomit) actually, vomit is one of the only words you can’t intentionally miss-spell. Maybe they should call it ‘Vomit’ instead, no?! 🙂

13 02 2008

Uch, people like you – syrsly! U want to tell me dat I cannot practice de Old Craft of The Wise and practice my magickk, liek stop it!!! You are just leik de ebil Christian opressor of de Burning Times!!!!!! Omigoddess liek you cannot just let me be a Witch in peace!1111one

SilverRain MoonCoyote

13 02 2008
The Green Witch

SilverRainMoonCoyoteSpiralDancer, bee srys!! Wee ar reel speshul peepil us kno = ewichs! 🙂

23 02 2008

Apparently, Crowley also had numerological reasons for adding that speshul “K”.

23 02 2008
The Green Witch

True, bwitch. I read that also. It simply seems a little precious to me. And Magickian just doesn’t work as a word at all.

I suppose there are those who insist on a 9-foot circle for similar reasons. I think it fair to say that it’s not really necessary – although, it would be nice to have a circle that big, if only for dancing purposes!

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