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4 02 2008

No, not the site – really, MY space!

For the longest time there’s been no differentiation within the house for people’s space. The grownups have the cellar sitting room, to be sure, but this is really because children can’t manage the stairs- they’re too steep and slippery.

What I’ve longed for is a space to call my own, that no-one will walk through on their way to somewhere else and disturb me. Somewhere I can pray and meditate, somewhere for me to keep my books and crystals and other stuff that I don’t want around the house, under people’s feet and being stared at or handled. Somewhere that I can keep tidy and which will be my refuge and my comfort.

I have now got this space – it’s a 14′ by 6′ slice from the foot of our bedroom, and by dint of shifting the room right around we now have the farthest end from the door absolutely clear.

A bookcase is on order, I have a chair, a floorlamp, a table, a radio, a portable altar and a chest for all my things. I couldn’t be happier, really; it’s so cosy and secluded, and when it rains, the water drums on the roof and I feel closest to the sky and the night. Wonderful.




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4 02 2008

Sounds lovely! It is amazing what you can come up with when you put your mind to it. We converted a large closet into a “sitting room” that I have sort of taken over as my space. It is a wonderfully quite little space away from the rest of the house.

4 02 2008
The Green Witch

Can’t wait till it’s properly finished, all my books in place, all my ornaments and pictures and crystals arranged, my oil burner, my wind chimes, my chair (which needs a fluffy green and white throw to complete the look), but the basics are there!! Another weekend should sort it out ….

4 02 2008

Completely fantastical, in every sense of the word. My space consists of a bookshelf, a chest and my various paraphenilia. I wish I had just a room to sit and meditate but for now all that was mentioned above resides in my bedroom. I have two roomates so the witchiness stays in my one room. It’s nice and complements the elements, but I would love a comfy chair next to my window..or just enough elbow room to do whatever…When I get my own residence again, there of course will be room for whatever I should like. My next project: get rid of the clutter and go with an airier mood. Not just for my own purposes, but for the house guests as well, lol
…p.s. thank-you for commenting, and I’m sure Ill be visiting from time to time as well.
peace, light & love,

4 02 2008
The Green Witch

Derique, I think de-cluttering is a brilliant idea, one of the best things you can do to shake the dust and draggles out of your life! I’m in the middle of a massive de-cluttering exercise and each room I complete feels x10 better for it.

Thanks so much for stopping by – Merry Imbolc for 2 days ago! 🙂

6 02 2008
The Shepton Witch

That’s wonderful! I’m really happy for you. I have been lucky with this house as there’s a reasonable amount of space so I have a room with a big window looking over the (now sadly pollarded) holm oak. I inherited the decor, but I love it – the walls are the colour of sunshine and the carpet is a rich viridian with the walls are covered in my bits and bookshelves. It is my office and my workspace too,,, until I can afford the stately home with a separate work room and a Mrs mop to maintain all the other rooms for me! 😉 😀 That’s on the list after the field. 😀 After a long time I feel like I have a plan. 😀

Enjoy your space, you deserve it!

6 02 2008
The Green Witch

That sounds superb, I can’t wait to see it!!

I’m so excited by my little slice of heaven, up in the gods at the top of the house. I can’t even really say how special it is to have my own space at last. If you remember, it was supposed to be the cellar, but that didn’t work out and anyway, I’m not sure I want to be of the earth – more of the air, so I’m glad I’m three floors up, lol!

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