Yes to this!

25 01 2008

While tagsurfing I came across this post by chance – yes, sir. I agree.

Spirituality is the great lost human attribute – it’s still alive, fitfully, in pockets. It needs to be resuscitated.

Spirituality is NOT religion, automatically, although it can be. Alone, however, religion is not spirituality. It’s just a rule book.

Spirituality engenders feeling, compassion and understanding. Spirituality causes us to remember that we are human and fallible, because we are comparing ourselves to Those Above, and finding ourselves to be wanting.

Spirituality can cause our lives to flower and grow, can cause our personalities  to develop and mature, can have a direct impact on those around us, without them having any idea of why.

It’s a gift; it’s the greatest gift that we have as humans, the capacity to be spiritual. So what don’t we make more use of this gift, instead of turning our noses up at it in favour of things, money, sex, fame and fighting between ourselves?




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25 01 2008

Wonderful post, I especially like it when he says “make spirituality an attitude and not a practice” – This I agree with completely. I have met endless amounts of Wiccans who are what I call “Weekend-Wiccans”. They are Wiccans at weekends, the Sabbats and perhaps at a full moon now and then – but in between they are not living their life in a Wiccan way. I had a discussion with one such Wiccan yesterday – we were outside walking and she was smoking a cigarette. We were discussing Nature worship and guess what she does? Throws her cigarette in the cold snow and keeps on walking. I just stop and go “huh??”

Living a Wiccan life means that Wicca is your way of life and not a hobby.. It affects every single decision of your life and the way you act and treat others.. Of course Wiccans aren’t saints and we can all have our moments of weakness, I know I have. But when spirituality is a hobby, I don’t think you can reach the same levels of depth that you can when you embody your spirituality.. Know what I mean?

25 01 2008
The Green Witch

I couldn’t agree more… over here we call it Lipstick Wicca…! Clanking with pentagrams, all dressed up like a cartoon witch and for what?

Not a hobby… most emphatically NOT a hobby. It’s a continual peeling away of layers; of ego, of the self, of pride, of hatred, of intolerance, until finally you can look your Deities in the eye. Hard work, frightening but exhilarating work, which takes a lifetime.

26 01 2008

Refreshing to see inward-looking bloggers. I think more and more people are going to be needing guidance with spirituality in the coming years. You ladies are doing your part. I salute you.

Spirit in Latin is ‘breath.’ So it’s not something you can just do on the weekends! You do it every second. In: life. Out: death. -e

26 01 2008
The Green Witch

Thank you for stopping by, ezparz – !

Talking about belief and about the spirit can be misconstrued – as navel-gazing, as showing off, as attempts at proselytising. However, it’s an essential discussion for anyone who intends to try to do better. Body can only get you so far. Mind ditto. But I’m fairly sure that the spirit can take you as far as you need to go.

I didn’t know that Spirit in Latin was ‘breath’ – interesting and enlightening. I liked what you said. It’s certainly not a part-time occupation, breathing! 🙂

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