Imbolc Cometh!

24 01 2008

The 2nd February looms and I’m excited – what shall M and I do? We’re planning, and as soon as we know – you’ll know!




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25 01 2008

Have a nice Imbolg!

Since I am a member of a coven, I will be celebrating with them. I have visions of how beautiful it will be, and you really should see Reykjavik at the moment, it is so ready for Imbolg. It’s covered in this wonderful, soft, white snow and it’s still very cold, but the animals are all coming out and birds are singing and flying through the sky. There is no green yet, but the evergreens look beautiful and the others do as well even though they are brown and lacking their leaves. It’s the perfect image of purity and almost spring time.

I envision myself sitting in a circle of women, white candles surrounding us, flowers everywhere, white cloth on the altar. We sing, dance and let the wonderful cleansing pure energy of Imbolg flow through us, then we sit down amidst the flowers and flickering flames of white candles to eat fruit and breads, nuts and vegetables…. It’s going to be a great night!!

25 01 2008
The Green Witch

Ohhh, that sounds just wonderful. That’s what us solitaries might miss, not being part of a group. But – I’m so lucky this year, having found a partner to worship with – so we’ll be doing a scaled down version for ourselves! Very exciting!

Have a wonderful Imbolc, A xxxx

27 01 2008
Mama Kelly

Have a blessed Imbolc!!


27 01 2008
The Green Witch

You too, Mama Kelly -thanks for coming by! xxx

27 01 2008

Today was just such a perfect day to herald Imbolc; blue skies, crisp, clean air and the perceptible lengthening of days. It is wonderful! On the date itself I shall have builder in ripping out ricks and rebuilding the dining room fire place (plus plastering and all sorts messy) and two clients around for a long stretch, so I think I shall delay by a day and make sure I have time to do it justice.

I wish everyone the most wonderful, light Imbolc and blessings xx

28 01 2008
The Green Witch

Intimations of Spring – we’re getting them here too! I saw the most gorgeous drifts of snowdrops while out driving on Saturday and I was harvesting mistletoe in the sunshine near where I work. On our trip to Hay, PiedPiper and I admired the hedgerow sticks turning red with sap and burgeoning life.

On this very special Imbolc, take in the light and renounce the darkness, say goodbye to the Winter and look for the Spring! Bright Blessings to everyone!

2 02 2008

Merry Meet at last!

Just popped by to say have a wonderful Imbolc my lovely new friend.
I will light my candles and raise my challace to you this evening,

Have fun! – much love to you and Pied Piper

Bright Blessings
Arnametia xx

3 02 2008
The Green Witch

Wonderful to see you here my friend, thanks for coming by to visit! Merry Imbolc to you, too! 🙂 xxxx

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