Wonderful Day

12 01 2008

So today was dedicated to time spent doing what I wanted to do; in this instance it was a field trip with M, my excellent Wicca partner.

We drove down to Monmouth to visit L at his wonderful shop The Sentient Heart – we spent two hours lurking on the sofas chatting and laughing and we bought some beautiful things – for myself, some music and greeting cards, and for the prayer-strings I’m making, an agate and a fluorite with crystal cages to mount them in. We realised that the Ludlow Esoteric Book Fair 2008 is on – more on this later. We’re all hoping to go.

L’s shop has the right blend of things for sale, and if you don’t find what you want he’ll hunt it down for you. He’s incredibly welcoming and the atmosphere in the shop couldn’t be better.

After coffee, we meandered across to Hay-on-Wye, not without a few false turns and one precarious reverse up a steep hill narrow road with deep ditches on each side – farmers can be so touchy!! Added to which I was trying not to run over his dog who insisted on shepherding me busily up the road. Parked up, had lunch at the Blue Boar and then hit the shops.

Books, obviously. And I went completely mad and bought myself a painting for my birthday – but what the hell. I’m worth it. A ring, a delicate single spiral mounted on a thin band in silver. A lightcatcher in heavy glass. Lovely things.

I think days like today come rarely and they are so precious. Really great like-minded company, masses of serious and not-so-serious conversation on all the topics you can’t normally discuss, joint purchases, and a real true feeling of camaraderie, of fellowship. If only we could do things like this more often. Well, we aim to!




2 responses

14 01 2008

Sounds like we had similar days on Saturday! Hubby and I went to a local shop and I picked up a few more crystals and then we spent some time browsing in the bookshop. It was a wonderfully relaxing time.

14 01 2008

Oh, isn’t it nice to buy a few things, to treat oneself once in a while? It just feels good to pamper yourself, even if only rarely. The lovely patina of indulgence would wear off for me if I did it too often though…. 🙂

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