Road to Hell…

30 12 2007

…. is paved with good intentions, yes, thank you to Christianity for pointing this out!

But having some intentions is better than having none; and I aim to build on my early successes this year and really move forward. Enough dabbling and shilly-shallying; get off your ass and make it happen!

I look back over my collected work, here and in my various journals, my BoS and other writings and I see a mass of scholarship, of effort; largely unplanned and unformed, beginning well but petering out because I let myself get distracted, or turned off the Path.

2008 is to be a year of refining, of tidying, of making and doing; of effort of will and results; of cause and effect. It is to become the year when the embers glow hot enough to start the fire anew. Let’s see where we are by Beltane!

My moon planting guides and my almanac are on order, the moon-phases are planned out; the garden is dug and the plan is in train. Let’s get on the broom and riiiide.




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