Peaceful Power

29 12 2007

Our ritual was calm, short, and brought us both great peace and contentment. I felt a weight lift as I offered up my shortcomings to be taken away with the rising sun, and felt strengthened and felt new hope gather in me for the year to come.

Both of us agreed that we experienced comfort and a great deal of latent power in our simple ceremony. I felt closer to my friend, happy, and I look forward to other rituals we plan with great anticipation.

This was our altar, largely improvised; greenery from the garden, candles and ribbons, fruit and flowers, and either side the prayer string we’d made as our Yule projects. Mine is unfinished, as I wasn’t sure of the sequencing and needed a second opinion – this was favourable! So I re-string tomorrow on heavyweight fishing line.

I used amethyst, fluorite, rose quartz and a silver amulet I bought in Ibiza this summer, which immediately says ‘Goddess’ to me – looks like a woman and her womb. The different sized beads are to ensure that I can pray the string with my eyes closed. I can’t wait to use it.

This was the start of a fruitful and spiritual year – I can feel it.




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