Yule 2007

28 12 2007

Tonight, my good friend M and I celebrate what I hope will be the first of many rituals; we are beginning with Yule, such an appropriate time to begin new work and new hope.

It has meant a great deal to me to find a nearby kindred spirit – I hadn’t had any hope of doing so until I went onto Avalonia for a nose and literally bumped into M. Previously, I’d been toying with the idea of getting onto Witchvox and trying to find a local coven. I felt that even coven worship, not my first choice by any means, would have been better than continuing to try and get myself organised alone. This seems weak and as if I wasn’t trying, and I suppose that’s true in a way, but there’s actually nothing as motivating as being able to discuss and plan things together. Then there’s the local fairs and talks that you might not want to go to alone. There’s all the local trips and visits you could make. Such fun when there’s two!

For the longest time I’ve been privileged to have the support of WW, which is the best site on the net in my opinion for witchcraft and Wicca – the companionship is unrivalled and the community spirit and support sincere and strong. I’m lucky enough to have several of the members there as personal friends and then there’s Mercian 2008 to look forward to, our great moot!

… which is NOT to say that I find the companionship deficient in any way. It just felt like time to work as a team. This has always been the sort of thing I like the best, in work and in life; so it makes perfect sense that teamwork should come to bear in my worship as well.

This can be contrasted strongly with hierarchical forms of worship, such as HPS or HP led coven work, or indeed church; this is what I sought to avoid when I left Christianity and what I never wanted to be subject to again; I am not interested in having my contact with my Deities mediated by others. I want to experience my Goddess and my God first-hand, as their child, not as someone’s supplicant.

The flat structure of a team, the camaraderie, the ability to learn reciprocally appeals to me deeply. And then there’s the friendship – a sincere and lasting bond between witches can only be a good thing, a healing thing; and who doesn’t need more of that in their life?




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