Prayer for Patience

4 12 2007

Goddess, make me wait.

Give me the patience to wait your will in silence.

Help me to understand that you give everything a season;  that you do nothing for no reason.

Give me the grace to sit quietly and watch the plan you have for me unfold.

Goddess, make me wait.




6 responses

11 12 2007

Goddess, give me patience, but make it snappy, huh?

11 12 2007

As it turned out, Mereth my dear, I could have well done without the results! However, they were of my own making, and I shall write more here today. In sum, I am a bloody idiot.

12 12 2007

Now I’m intrigued….!

14 12 2007

Trust me, you don’t want to know *blushes*.

20 12 2007

And a comment like that is supposed to diminish my interest…?!! There’s an odd idea that keeps popping into my head – I must test it out on you some time, on the phone perhaps, to see if it’s spurious or if I’m right…

20 12 2007

Test away!

Things are better now, thank the Goddess. I can get on with my life.

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