Striking Out

9 11 2007

Taking the opportunity to strike out on your own is like waking up on Christmas morning – you just don’t know what wonders might be in store.

Being a HedgeWitch can sometimes be like being a housewife – a round of tasks, a calendar to follow, small but essential doings which go unnoticed by the majority.

Then, of course, you remember that these small tasks keep the world turning and the fires burning – and that if you try even slightly to deviate form your routine you find all sorts of wonders in the hedgerow; the toad with the jewel in his forehead, the hare staring at the moon, the willow silver and bending before the wind in the moonlight, the other witches dancing on the hilltop under the stars.

We are part of a sisterhood, be we solitary or no; our spirits speak the same language. We don’t necessarily need to be with others or to worship with others; but knowing that they are there is infinitely comforting and a small nod of recognition can pass between us, women going our solitary way.




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