New Beginnings

25 10 2007

I’m back, after an extended period ‘in the wilderness’.

You know how you get sometimes; ‘real’ life subverts your spiritual and emotional life to such an extent that you forget what you owe to yourself and all those who travel with you?

I hope to ensure that this problem ends here, at least this time – the issue is that this thing can happen multiple times in  a lifetime; it is the responsibility of the individual to try and ensure that if the connection is broken, it is not broken for long.

Plans are underway for Beltane, and I regret the loss of Imbolc and Yule – my loss, I’m sure of it. And Merican 2008 – now there’s a date for the books.

Make it so, Number One!




4 responses

5 11 2007

Oh yes! Beltaine will happen if I have to come up there and bundle you into the car (the flash, sporty little number, of course) kicking and screaming and drag you back here for a bit of you time! Don’t say you haven’t been told! (said in best Barbara Woodhouse voice).

5 11 2007

Blimey, is that a promise!!?

You will not have to do no draggin; mrs, cuz I’m there, and there’s nothing except a sea of boiling lava that’s gonna stop me. Watch out, down there!!

Can’t wait. You’re very sweet to me; it is much, much appreciated. xxx

6 11 2007

It’s what friends are for, innit?

7 11 2007

… but it’s friends like you that remind the rest of us of this fact!!


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