2 10 2007

I’m musing on the subject of life’s path and where you are meant to go, despite your best efforts to navigate from the road. Humans are so contrary – they assume they must and shall know best. I’m as guilty as any. I’ve spent a great many of my latter years throwing energy into fighting a situation that is as inexorable as the sea, as constant and as necessary as the movement of the air.

I have come to realise that my way is to follow the call, and be grateful that the call still comes, after so many many years of wilful ignorance and purposeful ignoring of the voice that sought to lead me and to bring me home. I’m such a stupid child, I’ve wasted so much time. But I know the way now and I’m going to go calmly on my way, trusting the leading force, allowing myself to be guided, essentially blind, but sure that I will not be allowed to fall. The force, the impetus, the stregth of the One that leads cannot be doubted. My life – Their hands.




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