If you allow life to speak…

1 07 2007

…. then she’ll tell you how it is.

I’ve been pretty ill recently, hospital-ill, and one person who I hoped and expected would stand by me has not done so. No contact, no well-wishing.

No revenge, no hard feelings – in fact, no feelings apart from bemusement and a sense of, what, interest. I know I haven’t done anything to them.

I am detached from this and yes, I’m interested to see what happens next! People can be disappointing but in my heart I knew this might well be going to happen with this person. Perhaps I’m learning after all, as there’s a time not so long ago that I would have been gutted and seriously concerned I was to blame.


Well, there was some closure here. Not so long afterward, the person in question had to go into hospital. I left her to it. Harsh, yes. Necessary, yes. Do I feel better? yes. Result.




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