The latter-day trial by fire…

15 06 2007

On a forum I moderate there is a thread regarding the difficulty of finding a discussion group without also finding personal abuse, flaming, gangings-up and general belittling of the poster who has a different point of view. By experience, these are usually the site who say that they allow all opinions and that if you hold a certain view, you should be prepared to defend it to the death. Well, ok. However, what this policy does is to neatly protect the strong in their pursuit of the weak, less articulate or less sure.

I’m lucky, because my principal forum has none of this. But it took me ages to find it.

On one particular forum I visited, I worked out that apart from the administrators there were two or at the most three people who had the chance to freely express themselves, and they spent their spare time rampaging roughshod over other people’s attempts to start discussions, sneering at the expressed thoughts, being vindictive and generally belligerent.

This clearly has the effect of discouraging any kind of intelligent – or otherwise! – debate. It prevents questions being asked. It prevents people musing and thinking out loud. It discourages cohesion in the online community. These people, because of the amount that they post, are in effect ambassadors for their branch of paganism and they’re doing a lousy job.

Surely – SURELY – we are all still learning, right up until our dying day. Surely, there are no stupid questions.




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