Ludlow Esoteric Book Fair

9 06 2007

This took place today, and I really enjoyed it. Especially the talk led by Guy Ogilvy, on ‘The Medicinal Tradition in Western Alchemy’. He dealt neatly with an overview of Paracelcus’ work, and the additions he made to accepted alchemical thought at the time. Sulphur as the soul, Mercury as the spirit, and Salt as the binding principle, the body. Without being elitist or talking over anyone’s head he described a simple tincturing that anyone could do, given enough time and firewood (!) and a large stainless-steel pot. This was to be done using plants, anything with a solid whack of essential oil in it.

What I liked most was his discussion on the Doctrine of Signatures – every plant in nature tells us clearly what it’s good for, if we open up and listen. This is apparently what Dr Bach did (he of the flower remedies – it’s pronounced Batch – he was Welsh) and on the back of this intuitive research he compounded his Flower Remedies.

He also made the point that any alchemist must also be an astrologer.

‘Medicine is without value if it is not from Heaven’.

Apart from his subject matter, what I liked about Guy Ogilvy’s talk was that he didn’t try to hide behind long words, he wasn’t talking over the heads of the assembled crowd nor yet was he dealing with things in such a simple fashion that the more advanced would be bored. He talked simply and with real passion and enjoyment and this came across. He expressed a hope that people would be inspired by his presentation, and I certainly was.




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